The Importance of Diesel Generators in Construction Sector

The Importance of Diesel Generators in Construction Sector

The Importance of Diesel Generators in Construction Sector

In the construction sector, people commonly use from 8KW to 800KW three-phase generator sets: soundproof, silent generators with on-demand start.

Depending on the geographical location, there can also be required 400KW three-phase diesel generator for a construction site.

The rental range of generator sets working with diesel fuel is also in high demand. Lots of companies prefer to rent a diesel generator, as well as natural gas generators rental for their construction sites and different construction projects. Besides, some prefer to get used generators for their construction site, which also reduces the expenses spent on the diesel generators.

At the end of each work, emergency groups are installed. Thus, they are installed to be able to supply electricity in the event of a power grid failure. In this way, until its return to normality, supply cuts are avoided. Therefore, these backup generators work as support to keep having a continuous power, sometimes even serving as a primary power source.

Configuration of a construction diesel generator set

At United Tech Power, we work with the main engine brands in our generator sets, we will selflessly inform you of the right generator set configuration that best suits your power requirements.

If you have any questions about any of our power generators or fuel tanks, or their characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us.

Main characteristics of construction generators

In the construction sector it is very common that construction sites, in their initial phase, do not have a sufficient power supply of electrical current to be able to start working. Here is where the use of a reliable power generator set becomes indispensable. At least until the relevant electrical installation is carried out to be able to work through the conventional electrical network.