The Benefits of Rooftop Generators

The Benefits of Rooftop Generators

The Benefits of Rooftop Generators

Rooftop generator installation is a common practice in areas prone to sand storms, hurricanes, and floods. Now, more and more people are using them because of the innumerable advantages they offer. 

If you cannot decide whether to install a rooftop generator or not, reading this article may help you make a knowledgeable decision. 

Benefits of installing rooftop generators

Install generators even when you are short of space

One of the main issues people experience when installing large generators is the unavailability of proper space. They either don’t have free space, or the available space is inappropriate or unsafe for the generator.

In such cases, rooftop generators come handy. Typically, roofs are open, unused regions of a home or building where you can install generators without experiencing any space-related issues.  

Protect expensive generators from floods

People living in flood-prone areas need to carefully choose the generator location. The basement or ground floor is not a suitable place because, here, flood water can reach the generator easily. In contrast, placing generators on the roof can help you keep your generator protected from floods.

A more secure area

The roof is a secure area compared to the streets, where vandalism is a common occurrence. Rooftop generators stay protected from damage, helping improve their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

Save the cost of building an exhaust system

When you install a generator in a basement, you must build a durable exhaust system to make sure harmful gasses and fumes are eliminated properly. With the rooftop generators, there is no need to build a long exhaust system, which will certainly help you save exhaust system construction and maintenance costs.  

Reduce generator related problems

Harmful exhaust gasses and loud irritating noise are two common problems associated with generators. You can reduce the impact of noise and air pollution on nearby people by installing generators on a rooftop.

Real estate availability

In densely populated areas, lands are not easily available, while roofs are easier to utilize. No one would like to buy a separate portion of land just for generators. Therefore, installing rooftop generators is the best choice in such areas.

Are there any disadvantages of rooftop generators?

Rooftop generators have a few disadvantages as well, but their advantages outweigh these disadvantages. 

Here are a few issues you may experience when using or installing a rooftop generator.

  • Difficulty in moving the heavy equipment at the top of a building
  • Trouble in storing and delivering fuel every day  
  • Supporting the roof structure  

From where to buy rooftop generators

Rooftop generators are offered by many distributors and suppliers, including United Tech Power. United Tech Power provides super-silent generators and other accessories like fuel tanks or cables that you may need to install a generator on the rooftop. 

Their heavy-duty machines are fuel-efficient, easy to use, and durable. With their generator maintenance, repair, and financing services, you can meet all your generator-related needs at one place.


Rooftop generators help people save space, reduce maintenance costs, and protect generators from floodwater. If you are having trouble finding a suitable location in the basement or on the ground floor for generator installation, choosing a rooftop might be the best possible solution.