Do you want to have a standby or prime power for your facility, office complex, or factory? Consider investing in a permanent power supply that will ensure no downtime in power generation for your business operations. 

With its wide selection of super-silent commercial and residential diesel generators, United Tech Power offers commercial diesel generators from 20 kVA to 2000 kVA of Perkins, John Deere, Cummins, and Koehler engines, as well as ancillary equipment and accessories. To see the complete inventory of United Tech Power,  Click Here .

If you need a custom-engineered solution, which is also financially beneficial for long-term management needs, purchasing a generator is a perfect option for you, with a permanent installation tailor-made to individual configurations. With the asset ownership and control over power availability, you do not have to worry about set periods of the agreement or the hardships of finding available generators during peak rental times. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us now!

If you are looking for a cost-savvy solution for your short-term power management needs, renting a generator instead of purchasing a permanent one is an ideal option for you. 

United Tech Power offers a full service of a generator and ancillary equipment rental throughout all the planned or emergency power situations you can face. Contact us  whenever and wherever you need a short-term power supply because we are available 24/7 and deliver all over Southern California.

With most rentals being portable generators, you will not spend much time on documentation when the equipment is needed on short notice. Besides, renting a generator excludes the costs necessary for permanent generator installation because rentals are set for easy connection. To check our complete inventory, Click Here

Are you searching for preventative maintenance programs, inspection, or repair services? United Tech Power is here to help. While providing a full-system installation with preventive maintenance, we also offer regular inspection and repair services. 

Our maintenance program will provide a smooth and reliable system operation and minimize the future costly repairs of your power unit.

During the regular inspection visits performed after the installation process, the United Tech Power experts will check the power unit for proper operation, inspect and change the fuel system, batteries, fire pumps, supply units, and not only. 
With the preventive maintenance program and regular inspections being essential components of our full-service installation and assistance process, United Tech Power also offers professional repair services to every customer regardless of the source of the product supply. 

Whichever the problem, we will get you covered with knowledgeable and expert solutions. Contact us whenever you need us.

The United Tech Power customer support specialists are available 24/7 to answer all your power-related questions and help you find the ideal solution to your all power management needs. 

The round-the-clock assistance includes full service of 

  • product sales/rental, 
  • delivery, 
  • a full-service installation,
  • maintenance and repair. 

Whether you want to determine the right product for your business needs, understand the difference between the rental and sales options, have the product delivered at your place, installed, or repaired, we have got you covered! United Tech Power Inc. is your single-source solution with quality and professionalism. Contact us right away!