Perkins Diesel Generators and Their Advantages

Perkins Diesel Generators and Their Advantages

Perkins Diesel Generators and Their Advantages

Nowadays, electric generators have become an essential equipment for any kind of business, as no company wants its regular performance to get affected by a sudden or prolonged energy failure.

Generators are especially required in areas that do not have a connection to an electrical network. Besides, they are mandatory for some spheres such as medical centers and hospitals.

Advantages of Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators are ideal for power requirements of more than 5 kW and for intensive or continuous use. Due to the fact that they can work for a long time without stopping, diesel generators can also serve as a main source of electricity. Besides, these generators consume fuel slower, and the diesel fuel itself is cheaper than gasoline

Another advantage is that a diesel generator does not require frequent technical inspections. The first repair of the generator will be required after more than 40-50 thousand hours of operation.

One of the top diesel engine providers for generators is Perkins.

About Perkins and Its Engines

Perkins is one of the leading providers of diesel engines in the world. The company was founded in 1932 by Frank Perkins and Charles Wallace Chapman, in Queen Street, Peterborough.

About 90 years ago, the company was the first to recognize the potential of diesel, becoming one of the world’s major suppliers of off-highway diesel and gas engines. During its history, it has designed and manufactured more than 22 million diesel and petrol engines, providing lots of innovations and receiving awards. For example, in 1935 Perkins engines broke six world land speed records, with a top speed of 95 mph.

Perkins engines are used in different types of machinery such as generators, tractors, industrial tools, and machinery.

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