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Why do Health Care Centers Need a Diesel Generator?

In health care industry having a diesel generator is essential to ensure that emergency power supply system works properly and all the patients are treated with extreme efficiency and in accordance with their health requirements. Besides, in the USA every state demands that all health care facilities have a backup generator in order to provide backup power and provide an emergency power system. The fines for not having one could put some doctors offices out of business.. In addition, administrators, health care facility managers, and specifiers may need to meet state and municipal codes for the location of generators and minimum generator runtime standards.

In times of pandemic, a diesel generator has an even more importance and decisive connotation given its role in the fight against the new Coronavirus, allowing the hospitals implement the most critical functions. In fact, a well-dimensioned emergency generator guarantees the correct operation of the equipment and healthcare facilities, and allows to overcome situations when the utility failure occurs hospital procedures to be carried out uninterruptedly.

Likewise, hospital backup generator provides other benefits such as guaranteeing continuity and optimizing the safety of the health care center.

If you want to know more details about the importance of a health care center generator, you have come to the best place.

Here you will find all the information you need to understand how a good quality hospital backup generator set can optimize user care and provide many advantages to the medical centers.

3 advantages of having hospital generator (backup power)

Now that you know the inexorable need to have a generator set in health care centers, let’s highlight 3 main advantages:

Why should health care centers have an emergency power backup generators?

In this industry, an electrical power outage almost always causes a loss of money.

However, in a hospital, when the supply of energy is interrupted, irreversible effects on the health of patients can occur such as neurological sequelae and, in the most serious cases, deaths. Under this context, in addition to being an inconvenience, the power outage becomes a real danger to life.

Given the above, it’s evident that medical centers need to have auxiliary, reliable and safe energy supply mechanisms, capable of maintaining the full operation of the devices in the event of failure of the national power supply system.

This means ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and hospice centers may require backup power to ensure critical procedures are not interrupted in the event of a utility outage, as well as maintain patient life safety.

In fact, in the absence of hospital standby power, emergency generators are responsible for keeping equipment running, without compromising demands on treatments and surgical procedures that need electricity to run.

Among the equipment that cannot be stopped, we highlight the life support devices. Considered vital for patients, they are used in Intensive Care Centers (ICCs), emergency rooms, cancer centers, regional medcial centers, public and private clinics, among others.

The existing electrical system in hospitals or in any medical facilities sometimes is not enough to supply electricity when actual emergency occurs. That’s why emergency generators (diesel generators mainly, but also natural gas generators) are responsible for supplying electric power for elevators, corridors and stairs, that is, they provide energy for common areas.

In addition, these teams meet the essential electrical system requirements of the air conditioning systems, medical air systems and lighting of the entire hospital environment and support the practices in the laboratories both for carrying out the tests and for the conservation of the refrigerated material.

It is observed that emergency power generators are a primary need, therefore, medical centers must integrate high quality backup generators for life support, as they offer an excellent level of efficiency and act with maximum reliability in supporting energy during an emergency.

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