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Introducing our super-silent commercial and residential diesel generators! These powerful machines are perfect for anyone looking for backup power during an emergency. They’re also great for running large appliances or equipment during a power outage. Our generators are fuel-efficient and easy to operate, so you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running in no time.

Do you want to have a standby or prime power for your facility, office complex, or factory? Consider investing in a permanent power supply that will ensure no downtime in power generation for your business operations.

With its wide selection of super-silent commercial and residential diesel generators, United Tech Power offers commercial diesel generators from 20 kVA to 2,000 kVA of Perkins, John Deere, Cummins, and Koehler engines, as well as ancillary equipment and accessories.

If you need a custom-engineered solution, which is also financially beneficial for long-term management needs, purchasing a generator is a perfect option for you, with a permanent installation tailor-made to individual configurations. With asset ownership and control over power availability, you do not have to worry about set periods of the agreement or the hardships of finding available generators during peak rental times.

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The Importance of Super-Silent Diesel Generators in Daily Life


Super-silent generators have a variety of applications in daily life, which indicates their value and usefulness. You can use them as a primary power source if you don’t have any other power supply or as a backup power source when your main power source fails.

Meet Both Personal and Business Power Needs 

People use them for their residential as well as business needs. Generators make sure you keep enjoying your daily comfort, and your work duties also do not get disturbed when a power outage occurs. Industrial generators are used in almost every business context, whether it is related to construction, agriculture, mining, or healthcare.

Make Sure Medical Facilities Have 24/7 Access to Power 

Backup power generators are an essential part of healthcare centers and hospitals. Many patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) are on life support machines such as  ventilation machines or oxygen concentrators. These machines are necessary to maintain their breathing and heart rate. 

A power outage of even one minute could put the lives of such patients at risk. This is where diesel generators come to help. They make sure life support machines never stop functioning whether they get power from the main supply or not.

Operate Heavy Mining Machinery 

Mining operations like trench drilling, mineral-loaded cart movement, or coal extraction use heavy-duty equipment, which require power to operate. Diesel generators meet the 70% of power demand of these pieces of equipment. Without them, mining operations will take more time and require more manpower to extract materials efficiently.

Improve Camping Experience 

Super-quiet generators are widely used for camping or similar outdoor activities. Whether it is open-air camping or RV camping, a diesel generator can make the camping experience more fun and enjoyable by allowing people to use electric fans, lights, and other power-dependent devices even when they are in nature..

Lightweight, compact, and silent Inverter generators make the best choice for camping. They fit well in RVs of all sizes and help campers meet noise limit requirements imposed by campsites. But, know that all these features come at a high cost, meaning inverter generators are more expensive than other models.

Generator Financing Options

Types of Diesel Generators


Interested in buying a diesel generator? Get to know its different types first, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Based on Output: Single-Phase or Three-Phase Generators

Single-phase generators produce up to 220V output and 15-20 kVA. These are used for homes or small businesses that have low power needs. 

In contrast, three-phase generators produce more than 380V output and 15-20 kVA, due to which these are used in industries that have high power demands.. Hence, the choice is primarily based on power needs.  

Based on Voltage Stability: Conventional, Inverter, or AVR Generators

Conventional generators produce alternating current (AC) with a mechanical alternator. These are considered as one of the most popular types of generators, which need gasoline, diesel, or LPG to operate.

Inverter generators consist of modern electronic components and magnets. Their alternator generates AC power which is automatically converted into DC. This DC is inverted back into a cleaner AC with the help of a microprocessor inverter.

As the name indicates, AVR generators contain an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), which automatically converts fluctuating voltage into constant voltage.

Based on Fuel Type: Diesel, Gasoline, or Gas Generators

Diesel generators run on diesel. These can be used for long periods and intensive work, for instance, to power construction site machinery. They have high performance, consume less fuel, produce less heat, and are durable. 

In comparison, gasoline generators are used for shorter time periods. They are usually recommended for homes and small businesses. They produce less noise, have a lighter weight, and cost less compared to the diesel generator, which makes them a good choice for people who are on a tight budget.

Gas generators consume liquefied oil gas (GLP) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) to produce power. Like gasoline generators, gas generators are also used for short time periods, and they produce little noise. They are an eco-friendly choice with a small  carbon dioxide footprint.


Why Should You Use A Super-Silent Power Diesel Generator


Ability to Produce More Power

Diesel generators produce more output power compared to gasoline generators and gas generators. These are capable of generating 2 times more power than a natural gas generator having the same size. Diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers offer generators that have 20 to 200 or higher KW power generating abilities, as opposed to gasoline generator manufacturers..

Need Less Maintenance

Generator models that require performance inspection every other month have higher operating costs. Compared to other generator models, diesel generators require less maintenance, helping users reduce operating costs and save money.

They do not have spark plugs that other portable and standby generator models use to start. This is the main reason for diesel power  generators being  low-maintenance.

More Fuel Efficient and Resilient

Diesel generators consume less fuel, allowing to minimize expenses. The simple and yet advanced engines are designed to operate in different climatic conditions. They run even at cold temperatures, while other types of generators may take more time to get warm and operate properly at the same temperature. 

Produce Low Noise

Noise pollution is a common issue linked with generators. However, the latest diesel generator models can help you handle this issue with their modern diesel engines and motors. Diesel motors are more efficient while  producing noise in low or tolerable frequency ranges.

Ability to Change The Engine Speed According to the User Needs

Diesel generators come with an integrated diesel engine speed regulator, which is an electronic device that maintains the generator’s voltage based on  user needs. 

The fuel efficiency of the diesel generator motor makes it more durable than other types of generators. Diesel generators are built to operate continuously for longer periods, due to which you can use them even as a main source of power. They can power heavy machinery, helping different kinds of enterprises to meet their power needs.  

Easy to Use

Modern diesel generators come with a remote control panel that lets users operate the generator more conveniently and efficiently.

Safe to Use

Diesel is a flammable fuel, but its risk of catching fire is lesser than gasoline, making diesel generators somewhat safer than gasoline generators.

More Affordable and Convenient

Diesel is a cheaper fuel than gasoline, making diesel generators more accessible, affordable, and useful.

Highlighted Features of Generators


Rental equipment is ideal for working in severe weather conditions, they are characterized by being robust, compact, technically very innovative equipment, and they satisfy any eventual requirement, including those of the European regulations on low levels of acoustic emissions and low gas emissions. the atmosphere.

Grupo Electrogeno Alquiler Esquema Inmesol


  • Acoustic insulator guaranteeing low levels of sound emission.
  • Thermal insulation: both high and low

PROTECTED with QUALICOAT paint that provides high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and greater durability, even under adverse conditions.


LIFTING HOOK that guarantees stability and safety in transfer operations.


UPPER AIR OUTLET that contributes to the reduction of noise emissions.


LARGE ACCESS DOOR that facilitates maintenance operations.


SOUND PROOFING OF THE DOORS protected by a metal grid.




LARGE ELEVATION EYELETS that facilitate the handling of transport.




CONTROL PANEL PROTECTED from rain, blows or unwanted access, by means of a locked door.


OVERSIZED and robust SKATE that protects the base and control panel from possible blows during handling operations.


24H FUEL TANK with internal reinforcement and breakwaters that prevent sudden movements of fuel when the group is moved with a full tank. Wide filling mouth.


LIQUID RETENTION TRAY (capable of holding up to 120%).


LIQUID RETENTION TRAY (capable of holding up to 120%).



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BATTERY DISCONNECTOR: removable part; if removed, the equipment cannot be tampered with.

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