Corrective maintenance and repair of generator sets


Corrective maintenance and repair of generator sets in California

Are you looking for a company that performs generator set repair tasks in California? Has it suddenly broken down and you don’t know how to proceed?

Then you will be interested to know that at United Tech Power we offer comprehensive corrective maintenance services and we take care of any repair that your generator equipment needs, whether the failure is mechanical or electrical.

Our staff of technicians has extensive experience in both cases. In this sense, everything happens to satisfy the needs of each of our clients, from the purchase of the generator set to its maintenance or repair.

Corrective maintenance of generator sets must be carried out in the event that the report derived from maintenance indicates a fault, or a negative fault diagnosis appears, the main indicator that problems will arise during periods of activity.

In this case, United Tech Power details a budget with the assessment of the corrective to be carried out, in order to always keep the equipment operational and in perfect working order. We analyze everything in detail until we find the ideal solution for your generator set. Make no mistake of that!

Authentic specialists in the repair of generator sets in California

The quality and professionalism of our team, together with the technical and logistical means and a large stock of original spare parts, result in a comprehensive service of repair and maintenance of fast and reliable generator sets like few others.

At United Tech Power, we offer our clients technical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any problem or emergency that may arise with their equipment. We do not care if the generators come from our company or not, if you have problems with the electricity supply, our obligation is to help you in any way we can.

Our specialists are always available to work wherever the client needs. That is our main work and what motivates us to continue working daily to improve the energy sector in this country.

In this sense, we have managed to install, maintain and repair power generation equipment in places that are difficult to access, raised off the ground, in small spaces, basements, places far from the urban center, … There is no place or project that resist us!

This is our main work and what motivates us to continue working daily to improve the energy sector in this country. We are known for offering a close and personalized treatment in each of our services.

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