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Many businesses located in the Los Angeles region are continuously in search of reliable power sources. The electricity provided by the power grid is often not enough to meet the power needs of small, mid-size, and large-scale businesses given the complexity and economic diversity of the region.

Diesel generators are an essential piece of equipment to mitigate power outages during natural disasters, power grid overloads, and human-made catastrophes that can have a devastating impact on local businesses and people.

An emergency relief response is impossible without the existence of reliable portable diesel power generators. The generators made by United Tech Power are designed to operate on continuous, prime, and stand-by regimes.

If you’re looking to rent a diesel generator in Los Angeles, simply contact United Tech Power at (747) 250-2282.

Five benefits of owning a reliable diesel generator in Los Angeles

  • Having a reliable source of power during massive outages due to outdated power infrastructure;
  • Mitigating power outages during the increasing number of wildfires in California;
  • Back-up residential generators are vital for elderly population living in single residences;
  • Providing uninterrupted electricity to power-reliant industries such as farming, construction, manufacturing, data centers, hospitals, etc.;   
  • Music festivals, outdoor concerts, large sport events would be impossible without the presence of mobile power generators.
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Types of Generators

20kw Diesel Generator


30kw Diesel Generator


50kw Diesel Generator

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5 reason why you need to find a reliable diesel generator rental company in Los Angeles

  1. Los Angeles is ranked first in the list of most power outages in California.
  2. The city has faced 5,787 blackout events and more than 6,4 million customers have been impacted from October 2017 to December 2019.
  3. Overall during the last October, there were more than 50,000 major blackout events in California, causing over 51 million individuals and businesses to experience multiple outages.
  4. The power outages are on the rise in the entire California.
  5. Diesel generators may be a great solution in these cases, allowing businesses and individuals to reduce the losses caused by power outages.
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Questions to Consider before Deciding to Rent a Generator in Los Angeles

Which diesel generator should you choose for your business?

There are several factors to consider before choosing a generator you should rent, including the environment and space you have for your generator and the power demands your business or house could have.

Will the diesel generator rental include everything you need?

You may also need accessories for the generator to power your business safely and effectively, such as cable ramps to run cables and spider boxes to support multiple plugs, etc.

Will the rental company deliver and install the diesel generator?

At United Tech Power, the delivery and installation are included in the generator rental services.

What is the shortest rental time for a diesel generator rental?

Generally a minimum duration of one year is offered for generator rental. However, for specific requirements, shorter duration can be considered.

Is the generator rental contract flexible?

During the rental agreement, your needs could change, that is why United Tech Power offers generator rental flexible contracts.

How secure and safe is the generator?

These days, businesses have to take both security and safety very seriously and it’s important to do a business with an experienced generator rental company.

United Tech Power offers you compliant, safe generators that will function efficiently in your environment.

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Call Center:+1-747-250-2282

Call Center:+1-747-250-2282

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