Maintenance of Generator Sets


What exactly is the maintenance of generator sets?

Maintenance of generator sets is essential so that the equipment does not suffer any failure or setback during its period of activity. It is important to carry out the relevant periodic reviews with which you will save possible repairs and considerably extend the useful life of your generator set.

The frequency and type of maintenance required for a generator set will depend on several factors, including the use of the generator set, the environment in which it operates, and the percentage load it carries.

Normally, generator manufacturers recommend, in the case of Emergency use, to carry out inspections and maintenance of the motor-alternator every three months, while, if it is of continuous use, every 250 or 500 hours, depending on the brand and the recommendations from each manufacturer.

At United Tech Power, we help you prevent failures and damage to your machinery by offering comprehensive and personalized maintenance services for generator sets for each company.

Maintenance tasks can be divided into two parts: on one hand, you have to check the mechanical parts and, on the other, check that all electrical components are working properly.

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Mechanical factors of maintenance

It is important to start with a general inspection of the engine’s condition, focusing on the water circuit and the alternator, not forgetting aspects such as the oil level, both in the engine and the injection pump.

To avoid overheating problems, the radiator water level is also checked since the generator set must always operate at a temperature that does not exceed 40º in any case. On the other hand, the diesel levels should be checked.

Another vital part is to verify that the alternator and pump belts are tight and in good condition. We would finish the mechanical review of the equipment by checking the status of the transfer pumps.


Electrical components within the maintenance

It is important to check the correct operation of all the electrical components of the generating set. Make sure that the crankcase heating resistance works properly. You also have to check both the electrolyte level and the battery’s condition.

On the other hand, dust must be cleaned from the control panel and the switches, carrying out a test from the automation panel to avoid errors during the period of activity.

To complete the review of the group’s electronics, note the generator and mains voltage in volts and the frequency in cycles per second or the intensity of the power supply system.

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