Diesel generators for telecom industry: Their characteristics

Diesel generators for telecom industry: Their characteristics

Diesel generators for telecom industry: Their characteristics


Diesel generator sets for telecommunication sites are designed to offer extended service intervals, extended autonomy, and unsupervised operation.

Telecom generator sets combine the reliability and versatility that different telecom companies need, to provide uninterrupted power supply in an event of power outages. Breakdown in any equipment  in the entire telecom infrastructure may result in a short or long power outage that can last from a few hours to several days, which may depend on the severity of equipment failure. Our provided diesel generators for the telecom sector are easy to use and at the same time offer high performance, considerable autonomy, OPEX and CAPEX reduction and extended service ranges.

This range is the result of research and development of the generator market to offer diesel power generators that guarantee a versatile and highly reliable product to the telecom industry.


Great performance of generator sets for telecom industry

A generator set with diesel engine for telecom towers is created to offer ample autonomy, to be easy to repair and ensure maximum efficiency, while minimizing CAPEX / OPEX costs.

As diesel engine generator sets are long lasting and reliable, they are an obvious choice for many experts in the telecom industry and they locate and invest in new, as well as, used diesel generators, to provide the backup power supplies they need for their cell phone towers.


CAPEX and OPEX reduced

Fully factory tested, generator sets, operating with diesel fuel, for telecommunication sites are made according to customer requirements. Our offered electric generator sets reduce CAPEX and OPEX.


Extended maintenance intervals and unsupervised operation

Telecom generator sets are designed to work in all environmental conditions (ambient temperature from -10 C to 52 C), easy to transport and to manage from a distance.