Diesel Generator for Telecommunication Sector

Diesel Generator for Telecommunication Sector

When it comes to automated operations in remote locations, you need a system that you can trust and easily access. For this reason consider to rent or purchase a diesel generator set, which is built to deliver constant power to meet specific site requirements.

Diesel generators for telecommunication infrastructures

The rapid evolution of the communication media has led to an exponential growth in the needs for telecom industry.

Access to and supply of energy is a major challenge for the owners and operators of these infrastructures, particularly in remote areas with access difficulties that do not always have an electricity grid. These facilities require substantial backup or even prime power gensets to ensure the flow of information never stops.

Natural disasters, failure of distribution and transmission lines, and errors in power generation stations or substations’ equipment are the key factors causing power outages around the world. Failure in any equipment in the whole infrastructure can bring in short or long power outages that can last from a few hours to even several days. Thus, telecom tower sites owners dispose a combination of batteries and backup power for electricity systems to secure power availability of more than 99.95%.

In the telecom sector, most of the diesel generators installed are 8 KW to 40 KW due to the rise in the demand for uninterrupted & reliable power by telecom towers during power outages.

A failure of the installation would entail the consequent economic losses, which is why United Tech Power offers reliable technical solutions adapted to the particularities of repeater stations and their geographical particularities. Our provided diesel power generators can supply emergency or continuous power guaranteeing low operating cost: long maintenance intervals, low fuel consumption, long-range tank and remote access. Check out the list of our provided diesel generators for telecommunications industry and also the fuel tanks, that will fit all your telecom infrastructure’s requirements and will serve a great source of backup power.

Lots of people, including emergency responders, police personnel, hospital workers and countless others, rely on telecom towers for steady communications that are vital to carrying out their work. The importance of telecom towers for everyday life as well as emergency situations makes providing a source of backup power for telecom towers a must.

Besides, continuous generators are used as a primary power source, not just for standby or backup power. These diesel generators can supply power in situations where no utility source is easily available.

You can also consider purchasing a used diesel generator for telecom towers for a cost-effective price and environmentally friendly way to provide security against power failure.

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Buying a generator set for telecom infrastructure can bring many doubts and it’s advisable to seek the advice of qualified professionals.

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