data center backup generators

Backup Generators for Data Centers

How much does ten seconds equal? Exactly one sixth of a minute, perhaps a socially acceptable delay for an appointment or an eternity for someone waiting for an ambulance. How many shares change ownership on the Stock Market in a matter of seconds? How many trains are lost? We tolerate ten seconds in the line of the cashier of a supermarket but we do not spare a single one in the loading of the page of an online store in today’s world.

Data Center Backup Generators

The Importance of Diesel Generators for Backup Power in Data Centers

In today’s technology world, the more critical and essential the data stored by a CDP (Data Processing Center), the more secure the electricity supply that feeds it must be.

For this reason, different companies generating sets for these projects can incorporate a redundant starting system: electric and hydraulic or electric and pneumatic, which ensures 100% engine startup.

Its response is extremely fast thanks to the preheating elements with a pump. The water is kept at a minimum temperature of 40oC and thus the generator set is capable of starting in ten seconds. What value are those ten seconds for a company whose main business depends on the availability of that data?

Today’s Internet user, who has all the possible purchase options offered by the local and international market, will not think twice and without losing a minute will find what he needs in another place.

That is why, the companies capable of adapting to this demand for immediate information and service, without delays or cuts during the process, will win lots of potential clients. And here, diesel generators can play an essential role.

The entire industry around data centers has grown exponentially in recent years. Shops, banks, the entertainment industry and even public administrations, which have opted for the digitization of almost all their processes, already have their own Data Center and a generator set that ensures that all the information stored there will always be safe and secure. always available.

As experienced providers of data center backup power solutions, our customers trust us to design, install, test and maintain complex backup power systems. You’re a phone call away from the person who makes sure the backup power you never want to need is Always On.

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Buying a generator set for a data center can bring many doubts and it’s advisable to seek the advice of qualified professionals.

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