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All You Need to Know About Commercial Diesel Generators

Let’s talk about all the peculiarities and characteristics of commercial diesel generators. Choosing your commercial diesel generation equipment is not a simple process. It’s convenient to consider certain aspects to buy the right model.

Next, we will discuss the types of power offered by industrial diesel generator sets. This should always be chosen based on the requirements and needs of your business activity.

What is a commercial generator?

A generator set is a machine composed of an internal combustion engine (usually a diesel engine) and an electric generator (usually an alternator).

A commercial generator is similar to residential generators, but it’s larger in size and has a higher power output. This allows the generator to power larger business facilities, including key systems and equipment to help maintain regular operations even in the event of a power outage.

The objective of the generator set is to be able to generate electricity that supplies the electrical demand of an installation or a building that does not have access to the conventional electrical network at any time.

This can be caused by different reasons: the conventional network arrives but intermittently; the workplace is far from civilization; the building cannot depend solely on a single network, as happens in hospitals or data centers.

At United Tech Power, we have extensive experience, having participated in a long list of projects and facilities throughout our history. Today, we have lines and models of international reference brands, offering the highest quality on the market and all of them equipped with ultra silent cabins to lower the noise for 80% compared to the conventional market offers.

In order NOT TO MAKE A MISTAKE when buying a commercial generator set, we need to identify our project, work or installation requirements.

On the one hand, generators can be used to supply electricity to places where there is no regular supply. On the other hand, they serve as emergency power plants. They can also be used for more complex functions such as peak hour power grid support or to export a power grid.

Currently, generator sets play a crucial role in a long list of buildings, facilities and sectors: hospitals, schools, shopping centers, mining operations, large works, communication towers, hydroelectric plants, just to mention a very few.

3 Types of power in commercial generators

There are 3 types of commercial generators based on the power for main, continuous and auxiliary usage. The most common commercial generators are the ones working with natural gas and diesel generators.

Benefits of having a commercial diesel generator

If you have never considered buying a diesel generator for your business then most probably you will change your mind after reading the next key benefits that diesel generators can provide you and your business!

It makes a lot of sense to consider alternative sources of electrical energy especially in industrial companies and especially in these chaotic times that mother nature brings lots of unpleasant surprises.

Many companies are feeling the impact of the load reduction, especially small businesses or SMEs that don’t have the support of the infrastructure.

A generator is a great solution when a load outage occurs in your area. It offers many benefits to business owners; find the best generators at this link.

Here are some of the benefits that diesel generators provide:

  • Diesel generators are designed to generate electricity for a longer period compared to other types of generators
  • These generators can be used in various industries, such as hospitals, factories, offices, events, etc.
  • You can find diesel generators of different powers. This will allow you to choose the one that best suits your commercial building.
  • Several diesel generators can be soundproofed. It’s a great advantage to reduce noise levels that can interfere with your specific work environment. As said before, our generators are all equipped with the highest sound reduction cabins that decreases the produced noise by 80%.
  • Diesel is a fuel that can be easily purchased at any garage or service station, making it easy to supply and purchase.
  • It delivers high levels of efficiency and performance, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted power supply. This is invaluable in ensuring that your company does not have unplanned breaks during normal work hours.
  • The uninterrupted power supply will also make your equipment life last longer.
  • The maintenance cost of diesel generators is low compared to other types of generators, which adds to the cost-effective aspect of these generators.

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Buying a commercial generator set can bring many doubts and it’s advisable to seek the advice of qualified professionals.

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