About Biodiesel and Its Benefits

About Biodiesel and Its Benefits

About Biodiesel and Its Benefits


Biodiesel is an alternative fuel of natural, renewable origin far superior to traditional diesel.

Recently, its production has aroused great interest due to the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, in addition to the severity of climate change.

With its popularity growing, getting it is not the easiest task. You must have fuel drums delivered to your residence, which is costly and only possible if you have storage space.

However, several companies, such as, provide a viable option for biodiesel consumers in Los Angeles. A biodiesel purchasing coop has been established, allowing the members to access at least B99 or B100 at a reasonable price and in their local area.

The first purchasing co-op facility was located in the West LA/Santa Monica area. The company was planning to open other locations for fueling facilities once there was enough interest in a specific region.

By operating as a mobile fueling source, many of the regulations regarding fuel tanks were avoided. Being mobile also allowed the coop to take the trailer to the bulk fuel distributors for refilling, decreasing the fuel cost to members. The trailer could also be used to sell biodiesel at farmers’ markets or similar venues to demonstrate the market demand for the fuel. 

The company’s goal was to show enough demand for biodiesel in a specific region that a brick and mortar fuel station would step forward to sell biodiesel and put the trailer out of business. After that, the trailer would be relocated to the Valley, the South Bay, Orange County….

During the meeting in October 2006, enough initial members signed up to form the core of the coop, and the trailer was ordered the next day.

The company was offering three classes of membership:

  • The regular membership purchased one share ($500) and received fuel access and all membership rights.
  • Supporting Memberships had a minimum of $25 annual dues, used exclusively to support our educational programs.
  • Associate membership with no cost or fuel access entitles participation for those who didn’t use biodiesel or just wanted to participate in the coop.

In 2006, you could purchase B99.9 (99.9% biodiesel/0.1%petroleum) in bulk for $3.31 per gallon, including taxes. Each load’s delivery/pickup was added 3%, setting a $3.41 +/- price per gallon.

Currently, many manufacturers of diesel generators in Los Angeles are working on creating a new model of generators that will work on biodiesel, making the combustion safer and last longer for each filling.

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